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We braved the stormy downpour towards Ju Chun Yuan at Far East Square for some fine authentic Fuzhou Cuisine. The restaurant is supposed to be famous for it's highly priced Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. Due to budget constrains, we had to give the specialty soup a miss.

Ju Chun Yuan NTF Room
The special NTF Room

In a spread of small Fuzhou appetizers was Duck's Tongue. Lightly steamed with a traditional sauce. The tongues looked like they were ripped out of Daffy Duck and served on a plate. It was a horrible thought... It took me a while to bite in the taste. A little chewy and rubbery in texture and strange in flavour. I can't say I am a fan of tongues - but this was what people deemed as acquired taste. Each tongue had a small bone within. Looking at it again in pictures, they do look gross!

Ju Chun Yuan Ducks Tongue 01 Ju Chun Yuan Ducks Tongue 02
Digging into Duck's Tongues

We had a variety of other dishes such as Ming Prawns Marinated with Fuzhou Chinese Tea, Deep Fried Cod Fish with Diced Fruits and Tangy Sauce, Wok-fried Chicken with Light Red Vinasse; all of which did not raise any eyebrow.

Ju Chun Yuan Yam Pudding
I still prefer the oily gluey Orh Ni with pumpkin bits

The other 2 more tantalizing dishes was the Orh Ni (or Yam Pudding) which was non-oily and light in flavour. Not too heavy on the over all taste and the Fried Bee Hoon! Yeah... who would have thought the ordinary Bee Hoon topped with a special blend of Garlic Sauce would actually interest me. The Bee Hoon had a nice texture, thinner then what we normally find elsewhere and is flown in all the way from Fuzhou.


  1. Tried it once and once is enough! ;)

  2. Hi , I am sharing my 红糟五花肉 (Red Vinasse Pork Belly) ttp:// with you . ^^


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