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BIG Thanks to Celeste for lugging all my ThinkGeek purchases back from New York! YOU RAWK GAL!!!

Wendy piggy backed on my order to pick up a couple of neat stuff for herself. I can't wait to see her Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles! ThinkGeek makes thinking Geek - Cool... real cool...

My Uber Cool ThinkGeek T-shirts

I finally laid my hands on the Digital Angel T-shirt. I really loooourve this T man!
Navy blue 100% cotton babydoll t-shirt. Stretchy and fitted. "DIGITAL ANGEL" printed in white on the front and circuit-board wings printed in white on the back. Great way to declare my capacity for cybergoddess-ness! Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines angel as a spiritual being superior to man in power and intelligence.

Another I had to own was the ThinkGeek Power Symbol T-shirt. The symbol actually glows in the dark! Can't wait to wear it on a night out!

The baby blue is my reminder that "Programmer or not, you should make sure you include love whenever possible".
In C, and C++, the #include directive tells your compiler, "I'm going to be using some stuff in this module, mmkay?" but just putting that directive in your code doesn't actually perform the functions included, it only reminds the compiler that some of those functions might be used. Invoke those functions...


Partner significantOther;
Dinner dinner;
Flowers flowers;

significantOther << dinner << flowers;

The love.h module brings with it lots of added functionality - kiss(object) is greatly enhanced with hooks into the calling object's heartRate and hormoneLevel properties. holdHands(object) has also been overridden.

This is what you get when you fuse Zelda and Heroes! AWESOME!!!

Ice cold drinks just got a whole lot cooler

Say "Hello" to solid ice shot glasses! The two biggest problems in hosting a truly epic party are keeping the drinks cold, and glass breakage. This silicon rubber tray is shaped like the negative of picardie style shotglasses. Just pour in some water, stick them in the fridge for an hour or so, and unmold 4 perfect shotglasses designed to keep two ounces of your favorite alcohol deliciously chilly while keeping your precious Austrian crystal barware safe and sound. If someone breaks one, who cares? It's ice! Toss it in the sink and make another!

I can't wait try this with my Baileys!


  1. ooh... I got the part about "heros". did not realise the connection to Zelda... heh...
    and me wanna try the bailys in the ice-shot glasses!
    hv a fun time in Australia ok?!

  2. That character with the pointy ears and sword... that's Link, the hero that has to save the Princess Zelda every time!!!

    Come over for drinks anytime :)

  3. oooh... I see... kwel! Cheers to Link then! heh.


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