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Shashi Miranda
Ceremonial Program with an entire story to follow! Everything was acted out - Indian Style!

The closest thing I've come to know about Southern Indian culture is along the line of Muthu's Fish Head Curry... Oh... and there's shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre?!?!

Other Indian related trivia about me include;
- I once dressed up in a lovely black Indian Sari for one of my D&D with a cultural diversity theme. The sari was on loan from Minranda, who also dressed me up. It still baffles me how much cloth needs to be wrapped around and tied...
- It's my yearly affair to visit Little India during Deepavali to soak in the lights and have a nice meal of Tandoori & Naan.

Miranda and Shashi got married over the weekend in an all Indian affair. Shashi was particular that everything about the wedding had to reflect Southern Indian. I for one have absolutely no clue what's the real difference.

On Friday, there was this hour long Indian ceremonial wedding rite at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple along Serangoon Road. There was this script which depicted a story which the bride and groom with their relatives have to role play. Miranda, in her sari actually looked Indian. I was clueless throughout... I'm sure the ceremony had significance, I just didn't get it... I mean, according to the family members involved, the script can change. It got me to think about our Sacramental Wedding Mass which I'm pretty sure non-Christians will have a hard time understanding. Ultimately, it's a blessed union between their God and the couple. Everyone else are just witnesses...

Both Friday and Sunday; which was the wedding dinner at Ritz Carlton was all about Indian Food. Everything was curry!!! Masala, Mangalore, Dahl... There were 3 - 4 types of curries with Naan and another 3 - 4 different type of curries with Biryani Rice. It was so rich, the flavour was almost over-powering. Definitely not food for the weak of stomach. I did love the white wine served which I drank to my heart's content. As for now... you wouldn't see me opting for Indian food anytime soon...

To the lovely pair, Blessed Wedding!

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  1. i also clueless, went to attend Indian wedding some time ago

    same if i dun c u dis year..tanks 4 elvyting

    from the internet kiosk


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