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I can't think of many good ole steak house that consistently delivers juicy quality Prime Rib cooked to medium rare perfection. There is nothing like cutting through a slightly bloody piece of steak that chews tenderly in your mouth. My love with Hog's Breath Cafe steak started way back during my Ozzie days when Simon drove us up north of Perth City, towards Jundalap; to dig into some wholesome Aussie styled steak. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when the franchise came to Singapore.

Wendy and I had wanted to check out the latest Vivo City outlet but the jam into the parking lot made us detour to the CHIJMES branch. Of the many times I've savoured Hog's steaks - slowed cook for up to 18 hours, then finished with high temperature searing on the char grill to seal in the flavour; I've yet to be disappointed.

We were enjoying our steaks to 80s disco hits - 'Funky Town', 'Heaven is a place on Earth', 'I'm walking on Sunshine', 'I want to Break Free'... you can just see our heads bobbing to the tunes as we sheared though the steaks!

Avocado Prime Rib - Prime rib seared on the char grill then topped with an avocado wedge and Bearnaise sauce

El Grande Prime Rib - Seared Prime Rib with Cheese sauce, tomato salsa and sliced jalapenos

Trust me when I say it's this good!

Since we're around the vicinity, we reserved dessert for drinks again at Novus. We've been raving about going back for the 'Forbidden Fruit' berry crushed gin cocktail since the last time we were there. Surprisingly for a December Saturday night the place was really empty. We pretty much had an entire set sang just for us! The usual live Jazzy tunes were substituted for some alternative soft rock singing with acoustic guitars. The gal-dude combi sounded more appropriate for a chill night at Timbre. I had expected Novus to have a little more class. I'm not sure if I enjoyed that it was different, but the dude had a really husky sexy voice... excellent for those slow rock ballets. We were allowed to dedicate songs this time round, in which I requested for Firehouse's 'When I look into your eyes' (they sang 'I live my life for you'; which was nice) and Coldplay's 'Scientist' (they sang...'Yellow'...duh).

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