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Best Present in 2007
Wii! Wii! Wii!!!
In my opinion the most ingenious gaming console by far. What I'd like to call a revolution in new ways of playing and interacting with your games, the internet and your friends online!

Thanks Vic for the sponsorship of 1/2 the console. It was honestly hours and hours of fun!

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Best Travel in 2007
I went on 3 holiday trips in 2007; excluding the Tanjung Pinang Mission trip in Bintan. Each one was unique and different.

Vietnam in March was cultural with deep history. Bali in September was all about the sun, the sand and the sea. While Sydney in December was simply a family affair.

I can't put a finger to which I enjoyed the most, but if I had to choose; it would have to be Vietnam for its rich war history. I also particularly enjoyed paying a visit to Hoi Ann, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Vietnam. It was easy to fall in love with this idyllic old town with exceptionally well-preserved 15th to 19th century streets and architecture.

To me, Vietnam is the prettiest South East Asian country. Its a fusion of the Europeans, the Americans but yet so distinctly Asian.

Best Meal in 2007
Mustard Night
I had my fair share of hearty meals in 2007. From hawker affairs to fine dining, from picnics to home cooked meals. It is also this year that I started to revive my love and exploration of cooking. Something which I hope to do even more in the days to come.

One of my favourite dinners had to be what I like to call "Mustard Night"! It was an entire German feast which evolved from a simple bottle of mustard!

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Most Interesting Event in 2007
Diving with a Dugong
It's not everyday that you get a up close and personal encounter with a magnificent creature such as a dugong. The chance to touch, interact and feed Gracie, at the Singapore Underwater World was simply out of this world! Having had the chance to spot wild dugongs in the open sea back on a catamaran cruise in Western Australia made this experience all the more special. Maybe it will be sharks on my next encounter!

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Most Fun Activity in 2007
Play! A Video Game Symphony Concert
It's funny why I'd pick the Play! Concert... perhaps cause it was such a pleasant concert... my 1st symphony concert.
Never in a million years will I think I might live to sit through a symphony of cellos, violins, tubas, flutes and what other concerto instruments have you... I mean... I'm a head banging trash concert kind of gal...

The light hearted video games music made my 1st experience in a symphony concert hall very enjoyable. Perhaps my perception of live symphony music had changed...

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Most Spiritual Activity in 2007
Tanjung Pinang Asrama Putra Mission
I finally managed to work out some time to visit STYG's adopted boys home; Asrama Putra in June. An annual mission trip to share with our youth the environment of the home and carefree spirit of the local boys and girls.

The trip reminded me of how much I can offer in my time and gifts. It reminded me of how much we take for granted each day. It reminded me that it's the simple things in life that matters...

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Craziest Thing Done in 2007
Property Shopping Spree
Buying a 1st property in any sense is a crazy idea in itself; but this year alone... I bought 2! Both of which are lovely apartments which I adore. It's strange how purchasing your 1st property makes you feel all grown up. I am still coming to terms with the huge responsibility I now shoulder. When every decision I make will now have some impact on my ability to support my apartments.

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Most Creative Project Completed in 2007

Wendy's Birthday Radio CD
GrooveChick Natasha and Mo-Cha-Cha Sharon Neo played Radio DJs to record a very special birthday CD for Wendy. The Fun Sophisticated Princesses (minus Wendy of course) with Sr. Wendy had so much fun piecing everything together. The spontaneity from everyone made the final presentation fall into place so nicely.

Now that Wendy have her drums set and I have thoughts of getting myself a KORG keyboard (just maybe)... we can start a band and record our own music! Muahhhaahhaaa!

Most Treasured Moment in 2007
The Birthday
In life, there are only so many milestones one can go through... when it passes... sometimes you can never turn back time. What is left is the moment and the memory. The memory of how special my birthday was will be with me forever! It will always remind me of how blessed and loved I am...

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