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The moment had finally arrived when the clock struck midnight, we all screamed at the top of our lungs "Happy New Year", bear hugged and watched the much anticipated Fireworks display at the Esplanade. How I wished we had stayed put at Paulaners Bräuhaus, Millenia Walk; with my brew of dark Larger. We had nice booth seats near the band since Wendy and Celeste made reservations for dinner that evening. Unfortunately, the band was horrible! Yet to hear a worse rendition of Snow Patrol's "Chashing Cars". I frowned over to Celeste and she commented that she has to return home to watch the MTV on Youtube to revive her love for the song.

We flipped coasters to decide if we should leave directly to CHIJMES for some salsa dancing or towards the Esplanade to catch the Fireworks display. You already know the verdict... and remind me in future to think twice pushing through the crowds amongst rowdy Bhangras.

I think it took us between 45min to an hour to walk over to CHIJMES. What I thought would be a Salsa party turned out to be Disco Night! A band was already jamming by the time we arrived and their tunes gradually turned rockish! They were really quite good getting the crowd jumping on their feet to tunes of Avril Lavigne, Nirvana and Queen. We were head banging with fists in the air - my way of having a good concert time. The crowd was a good mix of Malay Muts and Ang Mohs. Everyone was spontaneous and with bottled beer going at SGD$10, it was a nice hang out.

Rocking to "Smells like Teen Spirit"

Quite unfortunately, the band had to make way for this "award winning" DJ spin. It was disco alright... but a horrible blend of Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston
and other retro numbers. There were some folks with very nice dance moves; even a middle aged Ang Moh woman dressed in a lovely red dress doing a break dance number. Wendy and I just went - "FWAH"! Not that I don't enjoy 80s musics but I already had my fair share back in Oz. It was like dejavu... very freaky!

Well, at least Celeste and Natty had fun shaking their booty. Towards the end... I was almost bored stiff - quite literally!

So here's my last personal pic of 2007 (left) and one just minutes into 2008 (right)

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