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Sr-Wendy-Nairobi-Departure-01, originally uploaded by natashayong.
The JW gals at the send off

Sr-Wendy-Nairobi-Departure-02, originally uploaded by natashayong.

Bon Voyage Sr. Wendy! It was great having seen all the Sisters again.
This time it's to Nairobi, Kenya for at least 3 years.

1st question on my mind was - "Do they have Internet there?"
Which Sr. Wendy replied, "Of course they do! Nairobi is a huge city you know."
Moi: "Oh, they have Broadband?"
Sr. Wendy: "I hope so..."
Moi: "Heh... I always thought you'd be living in huts, like what I've always imagined Africa to be..."
Guess I was so wrong...

As much as Kenya and the great African grasslands attract me; the thought of all the ethnic fighting happening now does spark a worry. Still I believe God will spread his protective wings for those who work for His Glory.

Till I have a chance to embark on a true blue African Safari with you; be sure to keep Chilli & Lime updated!

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  1. I think the place is at a considerably high altitute with lots of runners training.

    Maybe your sister Wendy'll come back a champion marathon runner. Yes, my comments are irrelevant.


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