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It's one of those Friday nights that we all decide to chill with some drinks and music after Prayer Meet. Oh how Holy...
Then again, it was Annette's birthday the day before and we wouldn't want to let the week pass without a little celebration.

Cafe-Iguana, originally uploaded by natashayong.

We started the night at Cafe Iguana - total Mexican Madness, the place was jammed packed. It was already 10:30pm and I was famished! Ordered a Grilled Chicken Burritos while Dennis got the Portobello Fajitas. We had to order the 100% Blue Agave Margaritas for drinks and Dennis decided to order a jug of the ULTIMATE Margarita frozen. Wonder if he was more intrigued with the name. It contained Cointreau Orange and Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo Tequila. It tasted good, very much like Margaritas and a whooping $87.99 per jug that filled 6 glasses! Next time remind me to just take the House Margarita...

The-Clinic-Clarke-Quay-02, originally uploaded by natashayong.

Next stop over to The Clinic; cause as usual The Pump Room had an insane queue. We couldn't resist drowning Annette with a birthday shot. When I have money to throw, I've try the Sex On a Drip the next time. It's a corny novelty.

The-Clinic-Clarke-Quay, originally uploaded by natashayong.

Check out my Power Symbol T. As usual it was an easy target for lame jokes.

D: Look, Nat is wearing her Power T-shirt; she wants to get turned on tonight
Moi: Eh, you know it glows in the dark?
D: Ooooo... so she gets turned on when it's dark!
Moi: ...

Everyone's gotta watch this song gig literally about all the places in Singapore. It was so hilarious it got the crowd roaring!

After intoxicated with too much trance music at The Clinic, Dennis and I decided to hop over to Highlander to check out the performing gig. It's always a pleasure seeing men in quilts singing to U2.

In the middle of drinks and chilling, Annette goes "I want to eat banana prata"?!?! That lead us to Spritz Prata at River Valley. She was a happy gal.

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  1. WAaaahhh...... so cool! My ears couldn't catch up with his mouth.


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