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You'd be wondering how a game like this would be so popular. Watch coloured circles flow down the screen and sync it with pressing the corresponding colour tab on this plastic toy guitar.

Wii Original Gibson Guitar

Finally, the much anticipated Wii version of Guitar Hero III has hit the shelves. For SGD$149 you can own the original game, 'Legends of Rock' and a white Gibson version of the guitar.

Nyko Fender Guitar

For a good competition and hours of fun with your friends, you'd also need the 3rd party Nyko Fender Guitar modeled after the Fender Classic Series. The Nyko guitar will only be in stores come April and is retailed at USD$50.

When you total up the cost you'd be spending on a game like that... you'd be scratching your head why you didn't buy a REAL guitar! But hey, it's Guitar Hero - and it ROCKS!!!


Kenny and I spending lunch time at the Sony Gallery store. Having our time jamming to 'Mississippi Queen' on the addictive Guitar Hero on PS3.

A 9 year old beats the hardest Guitar Hero level 'Through the Flames and Fire' on expert. This kid puts us all to shame.

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