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After a clean bill of health for the whole of last year (except for the ear incident toward the end of 2007); I've finally been struck down by the flu bug. It really sucks not to be in the pink of health.

For more then 2 weeks, W has been down with a flu and respiratory problems. It was so serious 1 night that she was admitted to TTSH's A&E for an overnight observation. It got us all so worried. It was later revealed that she had contracted Mycoplasma or Atypical Pneumonia. Well, as naive as we all were; we learnt that Mycoplasma infection is a respiratory illness caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae, a microscopic organism related to bacteria. Much like the flu, it's spread through contact with droplets from the nose and throat of infected people especially when they cough and sneeze.

W was on a MC for 4 days; returned back to the office and was sent back again by the doctor for another 2 days of rest. It was highly possible that I might have contracted something from her during her short span back at the office. It was also a horrible week with very little sleep caused by a mere cup of Kopi-Si-Sui-Dai after sending Sr. Wendy off at the airport. I've learnt never to push the body any further when it is already showing signs of weakness.

In light of the up coming Chinese New Year holidays, I decided to pick up some antibiotics from the doctor. It was only when I mentioned that someone around me was diagnosed with Mycoplasma that she opted to give me Clarithromycin instead of my usual dose of Augmentin. But judging from my symptoms of a wet cough instead of a dry bronchitis like cough; I'm likely just struck with the common flu virus.

Still it annoys the hell out of me, making me too heavy headed to dwell into the much required spring cleaning for the festivities...

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  1. You're pretty talkative for a sick chicken, get well soon..


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