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It may seem that many pictures on the blog have gone missing.
This is due to Zooomr's server upgrade on the 2008 Release (codename: Mark IV) in Japan.
But because I love this software so much (and it's FREE); all is forgiven. I've since resumed uploading some pics back on Flickr, but there is no problem uploading new pics on Zooomr now.
Hope the remains of the pictures will be back soon...

From Zooomr's 2008 Release Knowledge Centre Notes:
Please Note: Some photos from Aug. 2007 to early-Jan. 2008 are currently offline and will return within the month.
These photos are currently still on Zooomr Servers in the US, currently on their way to Japan; once they arrive, we can activate them.

[2008/2/1 22:35 JST] We got upload and storage back online today; Unfortunately, we weren't able to activate all photos, but you can bet that we are working hard on moving the remaining hardware from the US to Japan. We will be able to restore all photos within the month.

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