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I feel like I've liked Harry Connick, Jr for a really long time. There are few musicians, entertainers that I truly admire. There are also few that comes in such a wholesome package... of good looks, of great voice, of extraordinary talent... He was probably pounding on the piano even before I was born and was already noticed as a musical child prodigy at a tender age.

But it wasn't quite until the 1989 smash film, "When Harry Met Sally" that I was taken into his heart melting soulful voice. It is funny cause I really liked that movie as a kid and it remains one those few true to life romantic encounters captured on film. I baffler myself at how could have appreciated something quite as deep back then.

The Mosaic Music Festival 2008 opened with Harry's "My New Orleans Tour" - 'One Night Only' sold out performance at the Esplanade Theatre. The music from his latest album "Oh My NOLA" is a tribute to the music of his native New Orleans, comprising of gospel, R&B, jazz and all that stuff. With a career that spanned more then 20 years and album sales of over 20 million there was no doubt he had his fair share of fans. Some came from around Asia paying as high as SGD$250 for a stall seat.

In many ways, I was happy I didn't pay more for a better seat. Not that I didn't think Harry was worth it... but I truly wondered if it would have made a difference to how much I would have enjoyed even from Circle 3. There were numerous numbers that got our feets tapping, but there was no way anyone could stand up to boogie for fear of toppling over the railings! Not quite the jazz gig I imagined.

Harry Connick Jr Live Mosaic Music Festival 07032008  06
Harry Connick, Jr on the grand piano with his Big Band

As usual, I put my trusty phone recorder to work. At 8khz mono, the recordings don't do ANY justice to the awesome performance. They are more to capture the style and mood of the concert. As in any live gigs, some moments are priceless.
After this concert, I'm seriously considering to get a decent recorder and a pair of binoculars!

Harry Connick Jr Live Mosaic Music Festival 07032008  07
Harry setting the mood right with his style of jazz, big band and swing

A series of music from New Orleans. The "Iko" performance was so fun we were dancing in our seats!

There is nothing like hearing the live vocals of this jazz coroner. "Let Them Talk" and "When I Fall In Love" were his few slower numbers. They were so down right mushy lovely that you'd wish you were listening to it with someone special. Thankfully, majority of the concert were true to the New Orleans jazz swing.

If there's anything worth paying for... is to catch Harry Connick, Jr perform "Sunny Side of The Street" on piano. You should have seen his fingers move!

One of my personal fav number of the night. I just loved how much groove was injected into "Didn't He Ramble"!

Harry Connick Jr Live Mosaic Music Festival 07032008  28
Harry showing off some of his dance moves as trombone player, Lucien Barbarin jived along. The crowd went WILD when he butt shaked across the length of the stage. He had some cute ass!

The night had to end with "It Had To Be You"... Guess it wouldn't be complete. But seriously... no one sings it better...

More Harry Connick, Jr Live @ Mosaic Music Festival 2008 Pictures

At the end of the performance, I didn't come anywhere close to the man. It wasn't perfect cause I didn't get my CDs signed... but I did get free drinks from Celeste! (Wished you could have joined us... we missed you)

Harry Connick Jr Fullerton Post Bar 07032008  02
With my glass of Long Dragon. I later ordered a Long Island Tea which the bar tender commented "You sure you can make your way home"... duh

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