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There is FINALLY a logical explanation for the Mysterious Kok Zai Cookie Encounter I had last week.

I shared the 'hair raising' experience with Mom and Dad in the evening when I got back. Sharing with them the entire story in all its juice and pulp. Showed them the photos I took and even re-enacted the manner in which I discovered the find.

Dad was taken back at first and he even had that confused cum worried look on his face. Mom immediately checked through her valuables (just in case), but all was in tack. As we set down in the living room talking through the possibilities, Mom recalled that she had thrown away some left over tidbits in the New Year tray that faithful morning. The items were specifically - Kok Zhai, Crispy Samosa and Tapioca Chips!!! She figured no one will be eating them and thus off into the bin they went.

Mom concluded that it was extremely likely our feathered friend took his daily tour around the house and stopped by the kitchen to peck at our bin. There was also evidence of bird droppings on the floor on another occasion. Quite obviously, being a minor bird, it would have been difficult for it to fly off with its delicacies. Thus the findings on the floor. After the 2nd day, I had cleared the trash and so ended the episode all together.

Perhaps it was really all just the act of the bird...
But while the episode lasted, there was a realization in having the gift of true faith. I'm reading Jack Canfield's 'The Law Of Attraction' which describes how believing forms reality. My knowledge which translated into actions (of blessing the house) had assured me that if God is for me, NO one (or thing) can be against me. How abundant is the grace of God poured upon in His guidance and prompting through the Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel.

In some ways... I had hope it was actually supernatural. I loved the fact that I had a 'ghostly' encounter to tell...

But then again... perhaps it was more then just the bird...

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