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It's Friday night and we figured what better way to spend it then heading to the National Arts Museum (SAM) to check out Feng Zhengjie's 'Primary Colours' contemporary oil painting exhibits before it finishes it's Singapore run over the weekend.

Feng Zhengjie is one of China’s leading contemporary artists and the 'Primary Colours' exhibit was a captivating showcase of his spectrum of folk art motifs fused with popular culture as a response to the new issues that are confronting China. The name 'Primary Colours' derives from his clever use of primary colors - red, green and blue. To me, he is an artist of bold strokes with a message.

If the eyes are the windows to one's soul, then the art of Feng Zhengjie can be said to reveal as much as they conceal, the psyche of the self, in contemporary society. This exhibition includes a special focus on his recent works of women portraits which the artist is known for. Charming, capricious and contradictory, Feng Zhengjie’s women present an ambivalent answer to the question of nature and artifice that continues to captivate. At the same time, Primary Colours is an invitation to discover the different shades of meaning in Feng’s art.

Singapore Art Museum Feng Zhengjie Primary Colours 01
This is one of the rare pieces where the hair colour is actually orange
"Strictly speaking, what I really want to express has nothing to do with popular culture. Rather, my works are more concerned with the inner state of people today - the tension between the inside and the trappings of the trendy. That's the important thing. Everything else is merely colours or images on the surface."

- Feng Zhengjie

Singapore Art Museum Feng Zhengjie Primary Colours 02
It is easy to get captivated by the strong, bold colours and sure size of the paintings. The eyes, though simple in details... tell a whole world of emotions. Oh, and check out those luscious glossy lips!

Singapore Art Museum Feng Zhengjie Primary Colours 24
The Wedding Series had one of the more intriguing pieces. These pieces had a wider colour palette and background details. The distorted facial expressions of the bide and groom makes the matrimonial event appear cheeky and suspicious. Making one think twice again on the importance and meaning of the event.

Singapore Art Museum Feng Zhengjie Primary Colours 19
Portraits of the artist deceased parents aligned with the painting of a skull. When this artwork was 1st reveals, a grand field of red plastic skulls on steams were displayed before the paintings.

Towards the later part of the night, I was at the counter browsing at the coffee table book of Feng Zhengjie's artworks. Then I lifted my head and glanced upon Michelle who walked in behind the counter! I literally exclaimed "OMG! It's You!". Been years since I last bumped into her after her return from Oz. Then I discovered that SHE was actually the curator of the 'Primary Colours' exhibition! And seeing my keen interest in the artist she actually gave me a copy of the book! Which was pretty awesome! There were tons of other pieces not displayed on site that were featured in the book. Great for keeps! Thanks Michelle!

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