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One of these days, I will pick up pottery and ceramics. It's the feeling of moist, soft clay in between the fingers... the clay picks up the emotions and the process of working transforms them... one day I will make the time...

A side exhibition at the Feng Zhengjie: Primary Colours oil painting exhibits were numerous ceramic pieces from Jason Lim; my new found ceramic idol. Jason Lim is Singapore's leading contemporary ceramics sculptor and performance artist. Regarded as a maverick in the ceramics field, Lim has radically shifted assumptions about ceramics as a discipline, pushing its potential as a media in installation and performance art pieces.

Dubbed by the Business Times as 'Singapore's most exciting ceramicist' in 2004, Lim has stretched the predictable uses of clay, thwarting conventional definitions of a 'ceramicist'. Moving beyond pots and vessels, Lim's series of non-functional creations have often formed sculptural installations and assemblages.

Singapore Art Museum Jason Lim 04
Video clip featuring Lim's ridiculous 1995 clay expression. At the end of the act, he eats a lump of clay!

His 1995 exhibition, Three Tonnes of Clay, featured clay and grog (fired clay) flung and smeared on gallery walls and himself - marking his practice with an improvisational and provocative quality not previously registered in the history of modern ceramics in Singapore.

Frequently self-reflexive, Lim has written and spoken extensively about the crisis and predicament of working within a craft tradition that has been shaped by notions of the 'master and apprentice' and which has emphasized the discipline and technical proficiency of the craft. In response to addressing such dilemmas, Lim has perversely developed detailed clay recipes of 'errors, weaknesses and flaws' such as the common defects of 'crazing' and 'shivering' in clay work.

Singapore Art Museum Jason Lim 12

Singapore Art Museum Jason Lim 10
A beautiful display of free form clay and ceramic pieces reflecting the wonders of what lie beneath

Singapore Art Museum Jason Lim 03
This set of nameless bowls are a few of my favorite pieces. I wonder if it'll make sense to design and create my own unique set of crockery?

Singapore Art Museum Jason Lim 15

Singapore Art Museum Jason Lim 16
Jason Lim's interview with Sight - An Oracular Insight ( A Singapore Art blog) on the smashing chandelier - 'Just Dharma', a chandelier composed of glowing porcelain lotus flowers - emblem of asian buddhist cultures- signifies cluster of prayers, dropped and smashed.

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