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Handle Bar 22042008 01
Yupe, you'd be pleased to find a couple of those rough-looking, bearded, tattooed dudes hanging around the pub

Let the "Wild Hogs" hang out at Handle Bar! This themed restaurant and pub after everything Harley-Davidson and big engine motorbikes certainly was a fun venue to hang out during the Easter weekend last month. Ever since my last visit to Villa Bali at Lock Road, I've been meaning to find an occasion to check out the place. After a faithful fast on Good Friday, I was really looking forward to having some meat in my system.

Handle Bar 22042008 06
The bar counter

Handle Bar 22042008 02
Sink area with side mirrors

Every inch of the restaurant is filled with everything possibly related to a biker. On display are a few cool classic bike engines that were enclosed in glass cabinets. Walls, pillars and even ceilings were plastered with bike related pictures or posters... ranging from bike parts to bike chicks... There is also this old school Harley-Davidson pinball machine. June and I were about to pop in a dollar when we realised the machine was busted! The staff told us to take our time to explore the place, she assured us that there will be new discoveries on close encounters!

Handle Bar 22042008 08
It never occurred to me to press the buttons on the "breast" plate... wonder what sounds it will make?!?!

Despite it being very much a family restaurant, you'd fine some adult themed items lying around. There were a cpuple of goofy displays that made Sharon go red!

Not forgetting those stylish big bikes and bikers that vroomed in and out of the place, making the place real.

Handle Bar 22042008 07

Food was a hearty spread of everything sinful; and we had to top it up with ice cold beer! Choose the hottest degree with the Spicy HOT Buffalo Wings and see your lip turn chili red! Their chunky french fries were also a treat, but it was a S$6 order which we never placed!

Handle Bar 22042008 13
Good portion of BBQ Ribs

For mains we took the BBQ Ribs and Beer Butt Chicken. For a good ole American styled western dinner, the flavour was sufficient and not over the top. Though I thought the Chicken could be more tender with a tint of 'beer' in it's flavour.

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