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STYG Lenten Play 2008 by natashayong

Finally! The STYG Lenten Play 2008 Video is completed. Decided to go for a more EMO appeal for greater dramatic effect. I personally love the music soundtrack picked up from "The Mission" and "Big Fish", which I find to be noticeably appropriate.

This year's performance was longer then 2007's. It's also evident that the acting and delivery of the youth have matured over the year. The 10 weeks of practice and rehearsals certainly proved to be fruitful. It's amazing how much passion these kids have!

We can all laugh at the couple of bloopers that happened during the performance.

Now to put together the pictures for the making-off :)

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  1. June spotted 2 mistakes in the video - it's "Pilate" not "Pilot (pen)" and "Rose" not "Rosed from the dead".

    Yupe, go ahead and share this on your Deaf Community blog.


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