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We jumped, we screamed, we danced, we stormed heaven!

The earth literally shook at the Youth Alpha Planetshakers & Tim Hughes Concert at the Singapore Expo. Well, it's no secret that I'm a HUGE fan and a concert like this is purely a dream come true.

Friday was my 'Planetshakers Day'... and I decided to take some leave off work to ensure that I took my time to get ready to ENJOY the concert. That was probably my best decision made which allowed me to come dressed down with sports shoes!
It was the most appropriate footwear to dash 1km from the train station to Hall 10 (after the episode where we missed like 8 trains while waiting for Gill) and needless to say - jumping around...

Our advance tickets become wasted if not entered by 7:15pm and boy were we RUNNING! I think my heart nearly popped out while eagerly awaiting Sr. Wendy's arrival minutes before the tickets become useless.

I was literally going "Seriously, RUN, RUN, RUN!!!"

She arrived telling me; "I never needed to run for Olivia Newton-John or Suzanne Vega, I sure wasn't going to run for Planetshakers!" I think my eyes went wide at that moment... it's Planetshakers!!!

The other comment that pretty much made my jaw drop was from Sharon, "We can sit anyway... can hear can already, we don't need to see the stage"?!?!

It was explosive energy as soon as Planetshakers took over the stage. The sight of everyone jumping and praising is PRICELESS! It was wild... like getting high on a different 'spirit'!

Apparently, the crowd seated on the platform slope was discouraged to jump as an accident happened the night before.

Sharon was sweet enough to bring along Sr. Annalee for the experience. She's probably in her 60s or 70s??? After 2 or 3 heart-stomping songs, she was seated for practically the rest of the concert.

Here's a live clip 'Jump Around' at the concert

Planetshakers Concert CD Cover 11042008
My autographed copy of the latest 'Free' album

Music samples from the 'Free' album

Wendy and I were happy to 'bio' the fierce looking drummer :P

We all agreed that the moment of the night was when Tim Hughes lead the 10,000 strong crowd into a few minutes of complete silence. It's amazing how 'loud' silence actually sounded. Like a reminder that in stillness, you will find God.

Tim Hughes' live performance of 'One Way'

This is what it sounds like to hear a crowd of 10,000 worshiping "Great Is Our God"

Thank you, Thank you Jesus for Planetshakers! And for the chance to share this gift with so many of my friends!

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