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My favorite beverage had turned GREEN! Singapore's 5th microbrewery, RedDot BrewHouse; is nestled on Dempsey Hill Green in yet another one of those revamped pre-war colonial building.

One of the most popular beer brewed at RedDot has to be the MONSTER GREEN LARGER; a green concoction infused with the health-food supplement spirulina, a rich source of Vitamin B-12 and vegetable protein, and a lime wheat beer made of freshly-sliced Thai lime. I jumped right in for a 500ml while the rest decided to pick a jug of Weizen; which was rather disappointing. I wasn't sure if spirulina or in lay man term - blue-green algae would taste any good, but when it arrived; I wasn't just fascinated with the green tint of the beer, I was pleasantly surprised at it's refreshing taste. We all liked it so much, we ordered another jug.

Reviews have it that the food at the restaurant is very decent. Though what I initially thought was a great environment to chill, with outdoor sitting spaces amongst age old Dempsey greenery, Sharon later revealed that her 3rd eye spotted numerous wandering spirits. They were harmless... but still...

Apparently more appeared later into the night. Sharon figured they lingered or had their homes in the trees. One was eavesdropping at our conversation... it made Sharon uncomfortable... and if she doesn't feel right... ermmm...

Bottom line;
- Go for the MONSTER GREEN LARGER, cause it's one of a kind
- Go early and don't hang around too late
- Don't go near the greens
- Get a seat inside, it's not as chill; but...

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