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Let's just call this one a true blue tribute.

For me it started with the experience of catching the movie at Shaw Cinema 7. My gosh! Those cranky, mildew, smelly cinema chairs and headboard above us which looks like they will fall any moment! It totally reminded me of my 1st Indy experience where my uncle brought us cousins to the now defunct Majestic Cinemas to catch 'Temple of Doom'. We raved so much about how awesome the film was back then when I was a kid. I can almost still remember the slight smell of urine that engulfed the place and the feeling that something crawled passed my feet when the scene of the creepy crawlies came on!

I just loved how the movie started with the old school Paramount Company logo, then the theme song... it was classic! Till we see Old Indy - Harrison Ford, with drooping facial skin at the age of 66. It was then you know that this Indy film isn't quite the same as the former trilogy.

The movie was quickly established as an Indy High School Reunion. They brought back Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood) from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' as Indy's old flame. Before we know it, Aunties and Uncles were performing stunts way pass their brittle boned age. It some ways, it was almost painful to watch; as you had to catch your breath with them. Thank goodness for stunt doubles and CGI.

In true Indy style; you can't leave out the wild car chase, the insane reptile or insect attack, the exotic locations and the over the top treasure finale. Just that this revelation toward the end leave you with a big 'HUH'! I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry at how ridiculously stupid the alien ending was. As the spaceship ascended toward heaven, I almost heard the classic keyboard tune from 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind'! What happened to those great story telling moments of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas? If you hadn't known better, you'd never believe 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' and 'Schindler's List' came from the same director.

Still Harrison Ford remain the one and only - Indiana Jones. Just like Christopher Reeves was to Superman. Just that the heroic Indy image has seriously gone down hill with this one.

If you ain't an Indy fan in the 1st place, this film is nothing more then a brainless roller coaster ride. In some ways, I had wished it left me with the same thrill and excitement I had in the 'Temple of Doom' days...


  1. funniest IJ show!!!! to me it's a must for Indie fans..i din know how big the flying saucer was..then when i saw its's biiiiig..the effects has never disappointed me - in fact NOT ONE DISAPPOINTING MOMENT! (singing the IJ theme)

  2. Oh yes, Indie fans will be indie fans...

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