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We adjourned for Prata and Teh Tarik after the Singapore Arts Festival 'Water Fools' performance. We just wanted to get out of the Boat Quay vicinity as the crowd was pouring out.

The conversation started with Wei Sian and I on Singapore politics. Not a topic I particularly enjoy talking about, but I was wondering about 87-year-old Mrs Lee's condition since she was admitted to hospital after a brain haemorrhage. As discussed, it wouldn't do Singapore any good to have her gone. Besides being 1/2 the brain and support; statistically, the other half wouldn't last very long. Still statistics can be wrong...
We're still very much in the reign of LKY, though we all would very much want to deny it... and when the world looks upon our government, the reign of LKY still stand strong.

Singapore: The Inconvenient Truth from on Vimeo. I took some time to watch author Catherine Lim's speech made on February 22, 2008 at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. She voiced out numerous issues of concern, nothing extraordinary new, but a good reminder of where we are heading with LKY’s golden rule, the future of PAP and the government of SG. Using her blog as a new avenue to reach out, I find Cat Lim’s writings controversial and appreciate her insight. The prata talk continued onto being just pure strange. We were wondering why sea turtles cry when they lay their eggs on shore. A scene I saw when I went on a turtle watch at Kuantan, Malaysia. I thought it had something to do with pain, but Wei Sian's reason was more ridiculous - they had no eye lids?!?! I was pretty sure I noticed the turtles in 'Finding Nemo' blink their eyes. Then it went on to a physics question, "If you jump up just before a plane is crashing, do you get thrown backwards?" I figured 'yes', while Wei Sian feels that in the law of motion, you should not... We used the analogy of a moving vehicle and wonder if you will roll forward or backwards if you jumped out of the car. I went, "depends on how you jumped out!". I thought I had seen enough car chase scenes in the movies where the stunt man falls out and flies back quickly. The cause of the change of motion and other factors like wind etc. Guess curiosity finally killed the cat when we found the real answers: 1) Why do sea turtles "cry" while nesting Sea turtles are highly adapted to life at sea. This adaptation means its internal salts are in equilibrium with its high salt content of sea water. When the turtle comes to shore, a non-salty environment, it shed its tears to reduce its internal salt concentration. 2) When you jump in the air in a moving vehicle - do you "move backwards" Assuming all conditions remain the same - Newton's Law apply and you should fall back on the same spot

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