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The look is complete with the jet black gloss of the Logitech® Ultra-Flat Keyboard

I've heard it numerous times before on how out of sync my old creamed coloured Logitech PS2 keyboard looked with the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22" LCD Monitor and the Logitech MX300 mouse. Most folks will drool over the wide screen glossy rims of the monitor and gasp at how I could have lived so long with the completely out of placed keyboard. Hey, the keyboard though looked ugly, was totally functional!

But I had my eyes set on the Logitech® Ultra-Flat Keyboard with smooth curves and gloss finishing that matched the monitor flawlessly. In addition, it is compact, yet does not sacrifice the numbers pad like how laptops are.

The only deterring factor was the high price tag at SGD$28 on what I call a 'basic' keyboard. Any similar keyboard should cost between SGD$10 - $15. I'd be paying premium just for the slick looks. Which honestly, I wasn't quite ready for...

It was another by chance situation that I browsed upon a second hand piece on Yahoo Auctions going at just SGD$8!!! I made the deal that evening!

The type feel is one of the best. Looks really awesome on my desk. But the USB cable is just too short!

Till my next dream keyboard, the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 (now retailing at over SGD$200) becomes really affordable, I'm more then happy to stick with my Logitech® Ultra-Flat Keyboard.

Logitech® Ultra-Flat Keyboard
* Compact layout with flat, full-sized keys: Save space and streamline your work area without sacrificing comfort.

* Adjustable keyboard height: Address your ergonomic needs; extend the folding legs to increase keyboard tilt by 6 degrees.

* Stylish profile: Enhance your workspace with an attractive keyboard that's the perfect complement to your flat-screen monitor.

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  1. my dream keyboard mouse would be Microsoft powered by Razor

  2. I took a better look at the Razor when I was at the airport. Very fierce looking leh. Like some hardcore gaming boys' toy. But the Razor Diamond 3G looks pretty good

  3. I think he needs to go to PraiseHaven ASAP.

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