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WYD08 Gathering 17052008 03
Patrick giving a run down of all administrative matters

Preparing our spirit for WYD:
Officially our 1st prayer meeting as a group.
The Spiritual team lead us into a session of focusing on the wooden cross. A symbol - of Christ's love.

The Agenda as follows:
The Agenda as follows:
Part I
1. Opening Prayer
2. Showing of DVD
3. Role & Purpose of the Spiritual Team
4. Prior WYD Spiritual Preparations
5. Actual WYD Spiritual Programs

Part II
1. Praise & Worship
2. Readings and Reflections

Part III
1. Update on Insurance
2. Update on WYD Singapore T-shirts, S$15
3. Trying of shirts and giving of sizes
4. Financial Matters
5. Team updates from remaining 4 teams
6. Closing Prayer

A lovely mini booklet was created for the session:
Page 1 – Cover Page
Page 2 & 3 – WYD Spiritual Programs prior and during WYD
Page 4 & 5 – Hymns
Page 6 & 7 – 2 Readings and reflection thoughts and questions
Page 8 & 9 – Thoughts and questions for pilgrims to ponder and write till next Group meeting

WYD08 Gathering 17052008 04
Think Fr. Damien was mentioning about French guys bunking at the church after WYD08. Sab certainly looked excited...

WYD08 Gathering 17052008 07
Hanging around before lunch

Lunch hang-out: VivoCity Long John's Silver

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