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Singapore Arts Festival Water Fools 24052008 10
The spectacular lady on the water wheel

It's the start of 2008's Singapore Arts Festival with a spectacular yet whimsical celebration opening of 'Water Fools' by Ilotopie from France at Boat Quay.

The performance was simply beautiful as the Singapore River becomes the centre-stage where fantasy becomes reality in 'Water Fools'. Enjoy the reflections of fire and lights upon the wavering dark waters that created the perfect dream-like quality to the act. Enjoy the quirky, dark carnival musical score; which totally remind me of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 'The City of Lost Children'.

Singapore Arts Festival Water Fools 24052008 05
The entrance of the floating car, driving in from under The Fullerton Hotel's bridge

Singapore Arts Festival Water Fools 24052008 07
The collision of the floating bed and car

Rivers, lakes, seas and ports are, along with forests, our reservoirs of the imaginary. Untrodden stages, stretches of water rest unbuilt-on breaths of the urban, fragments of horizon which transport the contemporary citizen as jungle fringes to a town. The mythologies born out of this element, from surf to engulfment,also shape our future, between ideals of sliding, fear of shortages and research of the unfathomed. It is upon this already teeming surface that we have created Water Fools. After "Narcissus Reflects", where we invite the spectator on the water's banks to lean over and "reflect upon himself", we have crossed the mirror and drawn from the water as from a reservoir of contemporary phantasmagoria.

Singapore Arts Festival Water Fools 24052008 09
The Battle of the Gods

French performance wizards, Ilotopie have won the hearts of thousands with their beautiful shows on the streets and waterways of cities and towns the world over. Their latest creation, 'Water Fools' uses light, sound and pyrotechnics to tell the story of an everyday man whose humdrum life is turned upside down one morning when his head inexplicably bursts into flames.

Everyday objects are transformed into mythical creatures, as our hero finds himself on an odyssey of epic proportions. Watch as cars pull caravans, children are brought out for walks in their strollers and gods march into battle - all ingeniously floating on the surface of the water.

Singapore Arts Festival Water Fools 24052008 11
Entrance of the Fire Boat

Be it with autonomous lighting, fireworks designed by Groupe F or the musical writing of Phil Spectrum, Water Fools carries away the spirit, when a simple citizen's hum-drum between cars and lamp posts topples over into the nonsensical, and the ordinary evaporates to give voice to a different world.

Actor-chimeras, fire jousts, musical flights or incandescent machinery will then, carried on by masterly touches of light, colour and explosion, trace the ephemeral dramatic and utopian condition of mankind.

The grand fireworks finale

Phantasmagoric and whimsical water creatures loom from the river, as fireworks unfold in an aquatic extravaganza. Giant mechanical sets that turn everyday objects into fantastic machines look set to wow audiences, as they take the man beyond the wildest dreams of his humble car ride into a dazzling opening show at the Singapore Arts Festival.

The gorgeous 'Water Fools' pictures featured here are taken by
Every reason to own a SLR camera.

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