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CommunicAsia and Broadcast Asia 2008 had a similar hall setup as 2007. CG Overdrive was back again with a series of Animation talks. Still with 6 major halls at Singapore Expo, the exhibits failed to impress.

Both CommunicAsia and Broadcast Asia gather exhibits from all over the world to showcase cutting age market-specific technologies. However, for the past 2 years many exhibitors presented similar products and technologies. This, I fear is a representation of the industry. Besides a few companies (which are not even present at the show) with break through products like Apple with the iPhone, Microsoft with the Microsoft Tabletop Computer Surface and maybe even blu-ray players... there haven't been many WOW products.

The most notable exhibit on site had to be NHK, the Japanese broadcaster's Ultra High-Definition TV system theater. At screen resolution of 7,680x4,320 and a 22.2-channel sound system, the presentation was explosive! To think that just last year, HD at 1,920x1,080 was the in thing! We're close to seeing the end of film in due time...

With that come other good news, where existing products continue to improve and prices drop to a more humane pricing.

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 47
LG as usual with their impressive huge booth and hip hop street dance performance

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 50SingTel Mio's booth pulling in the crowds with the F1 racer recently displayed at the PC Show. The booth also served Illy's Coffee and Doritos' Chips

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 27
Another F1 display by the students of Nanyang Polytechnic. The students came up with the 3D version of the Marina Bay street circuit. This guy in the picture drove at like 50km/hr...

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 37
Sumsung's UMPC WiMAX Portable

WiMAX is one of the emerging technologies gaining ground in the mobile world. Companies like Altai Technologies, Lanready, SOMA Networks and Ubiquiti Networks showcased their products and services displaying how WiMAX can co-exist in a market already well saturated with other technologies.

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 22
Sony displaying their range of HD Cameras - now more feature rich and compact

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 16
Interesting 3D monitor screen display with a sensor that tracks my eye movement. The trick is in a special 3D glass panel and creating the images in 3 different plates

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 17

CommunicAsia Broadcast Asia 17062008 08
Gearing up for the Beijing 2008 Olympics

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