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How many variations of a 'fish themed' birthday party can one think of? Diving with Gracie, the Dugong last year at the Singapore Underwater World was an experience beyond words. It's hard to top an adventure such as that. This year we wanted to give Sharon something a little more relaxing... but with that same 'fish' experience...

Fish Spa Glamour Secrets 22062008 03
The feet attraction

We decided to give her a 'FISH SPA', hidden away in a quaint corner of Changi Village. Having just visited that area for Elena's Hen Party, I got to learn about Glamour Secrets which offered Garra rufa or doctor fish therapy. Not for the faint of heart; put your hands or feet into a tank full of these hungry suckers and watch them swamp toward you nibbling at your dead skin.

These freshwater fishes breed in the river basins of the Northern and Central Middle East, in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. There's some getting used to as the fishes yank off skin smear and ageing cortex. The ones that bite between the toes actually hurt quite a bit. Then there are a handful of huge ones, their bites are both violent and aggressive.

If you can stay still enough the treatment boast of clearing pores, promote blood circulation, promote healthy skin growth, heal skin diseases (psorlasis) and provide the relaxation of a "micro-massage".

Fish Spa Glamour Secrets 22062008 06
At the 2nd floor where the fish tanks are. Apparently, the fishes are feed odorless fish food twice a day. Yet, they will perpetually be hungry...

Part of my SGD$25 package include a simple feet massage, while the other gals took up either a manicure or pedicure. My masseuse thought I was involved in some martial arts sports or fencing because of my built... still martial arts?!?! Don't ask me why...

Other Fish Therapy Place we researched on
- Kampong Fish Therapy at Novena
- Qian Hu Fish Farm around Choa Chu Kang

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  1. I just went to feed the fishes last week too, at Lim Chu Kang ^_^

  2. Wah... you so kind, the fishes must have put on a few pounds man!


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