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Tom: Guitar Hero IV will surpass Rock Band if it lives up to expectations

Moi: In what sense?

Tom: GH4 will allow the ability to write custom tracks

Moi: And why is that good?

Tom: So if you guys had nothing better to do, you could replace the entire church band with an Xbox360, along with GH4 guitars and drums and have the entire mass hymnal done in GH4. Now that'd be hilarious!

Moi: OMG!!! INDEED!!!

Tom: Ah yes, we could shrink the choir loft budget to just the purchase Xbox360 and Guitar Hero IV with all the accessories. I bet the parish will go for that!

Moi: Brilliant!

Tom: And EVERYBODY will want to practice!
You could do Praise and Worship with Guitar Hero IV!!!!!

Moi: LOL

Tom: Ooh ooh imagine activating Star Power at the chorus to Come Holy Spirit. Oh yeah. You heard it first from me.

Yes, Tom... I heard you...

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