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My Wii guitar got pimped from this
to this...
Wii Guitar Gibson Flames Face Plate 01
A flaming hot Wii guitar faceplate. Thanks to Wendy who thought my Gibson Wii guitar needed a new face lift! She couldn't resist picking one up during her Ireland trip.

The gadget is actually a solid plastic piece of plate. I never had the opportunity to pull out the faceplate till now. Nintendo created a nice locking device at the back of the guitar to allow easy disengage of the plate. It was all very nifty.

My Wii Gibson look all ready to rock! Thanks gal!

And if you serious can't get enough of all these Guitar Hero madness... coming to stores on June 22 - Guitar Hero : On Tour for the DS!

Players put their hand through the strap of the Guitar Grip for a firm hold on the system, and then position the system in its vertical book form. The peripheral has a storage area for a specially designed stlyus pick, which is used to strum the guitar strings on the touch-screen. As the notes slide down the screen, players strum the strings while pressing the corresponding fret buttons, all to the rhythm of the song that's being played.

What's totally screwed is the microphone function on the DS that comes into play during songs -- imagine having to scream to activate the "Star Power" mode to increase the points multiplier.

Fancy someone jamming away on the MRT with this!

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