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Before there was 'Pirates of the Caribbean', there was 'The Goonies'! Add in a generous serving of adventure, pour in the humour, put a dash of trills and spice it up with some pirate swash buckle fighting; and you have a perfect formula for a family fun-fill film.

It was a beautiful Friday night for an open air cinema screening. The weather held up after an afternoon shower and brought about some cool breezes. We laid our picnic mats at the front lawn of the National Museum of Singapore under the heritage Banyan Tree.

The entire experience was really old school. 2 huge outdoor 35mm film projectors taking turns to project the 10 odd rolls of film. After each film spool completes, it is manually rewound back onsite. You could hear the clickering sound of film as it rolls through the sprockets. Extremely nostalgic. Basically the total opposite from where film is heading in the digital technology.

What I couldn't believe was that Wendy, Ming and Wei Sian had never caught the film! Being an 80s kid, this was one of those flick films I'd catch over and over again on rental VHS! People... where have you been??? It remains a classic, even after 20 years. There is this fun factor in the movie that never fails to crack me up!

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