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Google is officially taking over the world! The internet world!

Just a few weeks ago (Sept. 2), they officially launched their very own Google web browser, Chrome. With unbelievable download and display speeds. I was literally blown away and I'm practically using Chrome in the office for general web browsing; though nothing serious like internet banking or web development. I like it... I'm not sure if I trust it...

Just yesterday, Google launched the Google Phone G1 with T-Mobile. It is the first cell phone to use the Linux-based Android operating system. Asthetically, the HTC G1 Phone is nowhere near the glossy beauty of the iPhone 3G. However, it's functions and potential to sync in all your Google Apps is unreal! This is a piece of mobile heaven for heavy Google Apps uses. The potential is pretty huge.

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G1 Product Feature


  1. Impressive..what about HTC HD launching in 4th quarter and the Omnia? Shortlisting for my new phone once my contract ends in ..... 12 months!


  2. *yawn* 12 months... these phones will be history. This is my take:
    G1 - if you have shares in Google
    HTC HD - you might as well go all the way for the HTC Pro
    Omnia - I dun like the name, haha I'm that shallow!
    iPhone - if you want to continue to be a pretty boy

  3. A good review on the G1


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