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Thanks everyone for your valuable comments and suggestions on 'Natasha's New Room'. I presented 2 options on possible designs of the room. The fact is - about 65% favoured Option A more then B.

I figured there are 2 types of people in general; those that watch TV on bed and those that don't! However, after much consideration on EVERY aspect; from cost, to aesthetics, to functionality to re-usability... I decided to take the option that gives me CHOICE to change my flickered mind! Which is B.

The reason why Option A generally looks neater is cause of the built-in wardrobe. 'The Gospel Truth' as what Lis calls it; is that the choice you pick now - will be the one you'll probably gonna stick with for a really, really long time. I totally believe her - I do...

So in the end, I realised... I didn't pick a design... I picked 'choice'. Which as of now is what really suits me!

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