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I've been sharing this totally weird dream that I had last week. In the dream, I weighed 52kg!!! 52kg would probably mean I am overweight or extremely close to danger zone. I woke up from the dream thinking that I have to weigh myself.

It was kind of bizarre when I accounted the dream to Celeste while gobbling down a huge plate of cheesy Japanese styled pasta at Shokudo. She thought it was some practical joke or a scene coming out of sitcom. I went "Why"? And she replied, "I weigh 52kg"!?!?!

I decided to get myself a good digital weighing machine and while I was at it, I picked one that could also measure body fat and hydration percentage. With some SMART dollar points redemption, I only paid SGD$8.80 ;)

I took an initial reading after plugging in a 9V battery and besides the weight, which now reads 45.9kg; I realised I didn't understand what the other numbers meant. However, they have this nice meter bar that went across the display that indicates that I am 'lean'.

The body fat monitors work by sending a low-level electrical signal through the body from two footpads on the scales. The signal passes more quickly through muscle than fat due to its high water content. The monitor analyzes the readings from this signal with stored personal data (height, weight, gender, activity level). This information is converted to a body fat percentage within seconds.

The minimum percent of body fat considered safe for good health is 5 percent for males and 12 percent for females. The average adult body fat is closer to 15-18 percent for men and 22-25 percent for women.

Women need at least 10 to 12 percent body fat to maintain healthy bodily functions and continue having periods; men need at least 2 to 4 percent to maintain essential bodily functions.

Recommended Body Fat Levels for men and women:
Body Fat Index

If I am a serious cyclist - 15-20%, a serious tennis player - 16-24% or a serious swimmer - 14-24%.

Since I belong to the 'none of the above' group and my fat percentage fluctuated around 20 - 23%, I am assuming I am in the good healthy range.

For body hydration percentage, a good average is 60%.
I am hovering around the 50s, and it's no surprise I can have more fluid in my system.

According to numerous articles, it is good practice to regularly monitor your fat levels as this can indicate if any changes in lifestyle or diet affects your body fat percentage. The measurements are best taken on a fixed time regularly as body conditions changes throughout the day.

So officially, I am on a diet! I am about 1 - 1.5kg above my ideal weight.
No more aerated drinks! Looks like it's time to reactivate Wii Fit!

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