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Well... nothing...
It is not every day that you meet people who have accomplished much in their field of specialisation. People who have been have commended by the community and their peers.

I would have been honoured to meet just one, but within a span of a few hours; I had the chance to meet an Olympian Foil Fencer, currently ranked no. 33 in the world and the other an internationally-renown specialist in the area of Reproductive Medicine.
Yeah... totally unrelated.

As part of a leadership series talk by the company, Prof Ng Soon-Chye from the National University of Singapore (NUS) was invited to give a talk on... well... leadership. Being a professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G), it was obvious the miss-match in speaker and audience. You can almost see brains of a bunch high-flying management staff trying to make sense of the co-relation between leadership in the point of view of IVF, Stem cell research and cloning!

Regardless, Prof Ng is a remarkable man in his field. He started his first in-vitro fertilization program in Singapore in 1982. The result was Asia 's first test-tube (IVF) baby, delivered in May 1983.

In 1989, he developed the first SUZI (sub-zona insemination) baby in the world. This was a revolutionary technique at that time, whereby weak sperm was injected directly under the shell (zona pellucida) of the egg, to enable fertilization. The baby born was the first in the World from a micro-injection technique. In 1993, he did the first ICSI baby in Asia . This is an extension of the SUZI technique, whereby the sperm is injected directly into the egg proper.

In addition, he has over 140 publications in internationally-referred journals through his career. He is currently a senior consultant in a private practice at Gleneagles Hospital.

During the talk which fused Prof Ng's interest in Wildlife Hornbill Conservation, there were a few notable quotes:

When asked if his brilliant brain is the result of Nature or Nuture,
"If you put an Einstein in the wrong environment, you might get a Hitler! I think it has to be both..."

When asked how he manages his time so effective,
"I don't manage my time well. If I managed it well, I would have exercised and wouldn't be so fat!"

In the evening, at our last fencing class, Nontapat Panchan from Thailand; an Olympian Foil Fencer in the recent Beijing Olympics took our class in replacement of Henry. We were in an Épée team competition.

Épée Duel with Benjamin. We had 2 very close games of 5-4 and 10-9, both of which he won

Toward the end of class, we requested to duel with Non. He was lightning fast!

Thai Foil Fencer Nontapat Panchan training for the Olympics in Koblenz

Now that classes have ended, we are welcomed to return for sparring sessions. Wednesdays and Saturdays for foil and Sundays for Épée.

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