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This is what happens when you combine 2 of my most fav things together - 'Kill Bill' (the battle scene between 'The Bride' & Gogo Yubari) with Super Mario Bros. SFX! Fast blades followed by spurting blood can be disturbing even when backed up by cute Mario sounds.

At some point, I really want to get myself a kick-ass 'Kill Bill' Poster to go with my 'Jason and the Argonauts' original movie poster signed by Ray Harryhausen.

On the side note, Celeste received an email this evening that we've apparently gotten tickets to the Halloween Bus Tour!!! To be more specific, the message read; " You are soo lucky! we got another bus, and now you have spots on our bus...". She'll be confirming that ALL of us got tickets before heading down to pick them up tomorrow! You GO GAL!

I've also gotten some Cosplay leads from both June and Dev on where I can lay my hands on the samurai sword. Wendy has also taken up the offer to be my partner in crime as Gogo Yubari! I'll just make sure I finish you off at the end. *Muaaaahhahaha*


  1. Haha...well synchronised sound effects

  2. Love the SFX at the last part when Gogo Yubari dies! LOL


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