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It's spooky how time flies...we are now just about 2 more weeks till Halloween 2008! The festival for trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, ghostly stories and horror movies!
The ghostly atmosphere is certainly thickening up.

Last year at ThePartyMan, FunkGuru and Maxxium Halloween Bus Tour where All Hell Broke Loose, I came as the Sexy Devil; slipped in a velvety black dress and red horns. It was one of the most effective costumes and as previously mentioned you can't go wrong with the horns! Considering an entire night of boozing, pub hopping, dancing, flash lights blowing into your eyes... being comfortable in a costume will determine how much you will enjoy the night. Guys will still wanna check you out cause you're in a sexy black no. and there's virtually no baggage like props to lug around. And the hair band horns put up the hair nicely so you can have a wild boogie time!

Bearing these considerations in mind, I was pretty certain I wanted to dress up as Uma Thurman's character, Beatrix Kiddo or better known as 'The Bride' in Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2'. It will be the classic Bruce Lee banana yellow jump suit with a samurai sword drenched with 'blood'! I'll stick to my black hair for the Asian Edition. I love the thought!

Uma Thurman as 'The Bride'

Either Celeste or Wendy should come as Gogo Yubari with her swinging metal ball - ultra evil! If no one takes up the offer, I'll go as Gogo myself next year!

Chiaki Kuriyama as Gogo Yubari

And you'd think that a costume like this will be fairly easy to put together. Yellow top and bottom with a black strip down the side; topped up with a samurai toy sword and I'd be good to go. Well... not really... When you're on the look out for yellow stuff... all you see is some other colour! Worst case scenario will be to stick black masking tape down the sides for the strips. I am having the hardest time finding the suitable weapon! Can't believe it is soooo hard!

While I'm still frustrated about not being able to put together my Beatrix Kiddo costume, Celeste discovered that the Halloween Bus Tour is FULLY BOOKED!!! Then again, why am I surprised after much raved reviews on last year's party. The organisers are trying to secure another bus and we've added our names to a WAITING LIST!!! Apparently, the list is quite long... we're all crossing our fingers! Wendy helped to source around for other ghostly parties around town. These are what I found as good alternatives:

Halloween Freeek Off 2008 at The Butter Factory
The Butter Factory is proud to present the Fashion Fashionista Halloween FREEEK OFF 2008

Halloween busts out again this year. Time for fashion freeeks to rock their gear
Who will you be this time around? A warrior, mutant, vicar or clown
Beasts, barbarians, bigwigs in boots. Transgender undressers in space-age suits
Sailor boys and Go Show Girls. Freeeekout Creatures dripping pearls
All hail the neon eon Napoleon. NuCleopatra & Karma Chameleon
So Cinderella, Barbarella come stay a while. Coz were doing a Freeek-Off, Butter style

For the main event, The Butter Factory has commissioned seven fashion design students to design a 14 Halloween outfits, with a budget of $300 per outfit provided by the club. Their final creations will be paraded in the main room during the night, in a special choreographed FREEEK OFF walk- where they out-freak, out-fashion and out-do each other on the runway.

At the stroke of midnight, expect a Michael Jackson 'Thriller' mass dance at The Butter Factory! Don't be left out! Be part of the Zombie squad and prepare yourself for the dance by learning from the videos.

FREEEK OFF will once more be an event of eccentricity and glamour in monstrous proportions.

Indecent Fairytale at The Forbidden City (IndoChine)
It's time for Cinderella to meet Dita Von Teese this Halloween as Plush, the IndoChine Group's original monthly concept party, does Indecent Fairytales on Friday 31 October 2008 at the Forbidden City from 11pm till late. With... Pukka Up's resident Ibiza DJ, Tim Fanucci, concocting a soundtrack that only your wildest fantasies are made of, this will be a dream party come true! Come dressed in theme and be rewarded with a complimentary Crown Lager or Chivas cocktail.

In the tradition of Halloween, I'll still wanna pick up a scary movie for the weekend to scare myself silly!

And to be one with the spirit - here's a crazy punch bowl drink with a freaky twist.
I should just change it to Wendy's kick-ass cognac sangria.


  1. Great! I'll take up Go-Go Yubari!! But that means I'll need to find a wig...

    How come the link to the post "Be part of the Zombie squad and prepare yourself for the dance by learning from the videos." is not found??

    Whoa!! The fake frozen hand in the Witches Brew recipe is kewl siah!

    Of the list I've gathered, as mentioned in da email, am pretty interested in Graveyard Town, but 'cuz X'ho is playing and not a biggie of X'ho, my next best choice is Halloween Freeek Off at Butter Factory too!

    Dunno about Sharon and Celeste though...

    - Wen

  2. Neat! Okie, I fixed the link! Just for the fun of it, we should all just learn how to do the Thriller Dance! And Sharon too!

  3. *dies laughing* yar man, I sho wanna see Sharon dance!!!

    - Wen


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