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After an awful, awful practice game at the spanking new Kallang Bowl at Leisure Park Kallang last month, I went into this year's Annual Bowling Tournament - worried! This year, we have a new structure of 3 to a team instead of 4. John and I roped in KS, who is also considerably new to the game. At the practice games he was throwing gutters, but toward the end; he hit a TURKEY - 3 strikes in a roll! It boasted his confidence for the tournament. I was crossing my fingers that I was more in form so we can keep our overall team scores up. It didn't help that John had to put our team right smack in the centre of the MANAGEMENT Team and the STRIKE FORCE (who came in strong as the Champions).

Thankfully, unlike Kallang which had one of the most horrible and glaring lighting; I managed to find a suitable house ball and rolled my way to a decent 10th spot for women overall out of 39! Inclusive of the 20pts handicap, my score stood at 145, 123, 124. The team kept last year's standing, coming in 7th but out of 27.

Considering this is a once a year affair with practically NO practice in-between, I felt it was rather commendable.

John, a seasoned bowler later approached me if I wanted to join the company's team to bowl on a more competitive level!!! I'm like "SERIOUSLY, you must be KIDDING!!!". John went on to comment that I already have the form, with nice footwork and a good follow-through. I just need guidance to be trained to perfect my throw and understand the strategies in the game. I'm still having the feeling he is pulling my leg with the invitation, but honestly... bowling will remain... just... a leisure activity...

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