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Nintendo DSi 03

After 2 years of the DS Lite, Nintendo released the new version of DS Lite - DSi.
Over 170,000 of 200,000 DSi units released on the 1 Nov launched in Japan have been snapped up in just 2 days! Retailing at ¥18900 (about USD$190) the newer unit is around USD$30 more expensive then its predecessor.
What's in the box with the extra $$moola$$:
- 12% or 2.6 millimeters thinner
- Larger screen, 3.25 inches as opposed to the previous 3 inches
- 0.3 megapixel VGA camera producing 640x480 pixel images
- Improved speakers, audio quality and audio-playing function
- SD memory card slot
- Nintendo DS web browser built in

What is a BIG Bummer!
- Removal of the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot
- No compatibility with accessories that require the GBA slot
- Reduced battery life due to higher power consumption
- Incompatible with flash carts like the R4 and M3 (read that DSi wont allow use of flashcarts or hacks... sure... but we'll see)
- Region lock

Nintendo DSi 04
With the new SD slot in place for the DSi, you have a sense of where Nintendo is going with both the Wii and the DS.
Nintendo has announced last month that they will be addressing the lack of memory space of the Wii with an expandable 2GB SD Card in Spring 2009. Up to 60 games can be stored on the card instead of the patetic 512mb that comes originally with the console. Essentially, the Nintendo Shopping Channel will offer download not only for the Wii but also for the DS. Mii characters created and photos can be exchanged between the 2 platforms.

Nintendo DSi Games Line-up

DSi Vs. DS Lite

The rest of the world will receive the DSi before Fall in 2009. It is all so tempting!!!

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