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Despite being a little down and out (no thanks to the flu bug) I still managed to get a bunch of presents for the people that matter. To think that I got my first present back in November and thought that Christmas shopping this year will be a pure breeze. Then when you least expect it (but in my case, it was just way too much of a good thing) you get hit by the worst flu of the year! It was major coughing and lots of phlegm! Thick, yellow, gluey phlegm! In a nutshell, I would have really enjoyed this year end if not for being so darn sick. It's been nearly 3 weeks now, and the recovery is slow and just when I thought I'm on the road to health again, I seem to be falling prey to the bug YET again...

In the few days leading up to Christmas, I was coughing my lungs away while ending off the last bits of lingering projects at work and juggling in Christmas shopping. Still, I really enjoyed the process of writing a Christmas gift list and thinking hard on what might be a nice present. With so much happening around these days, this year's presents can afford a little sense of humour!

Christmas Presents 24122008
Christmas presents in this year's wrapping theme of Gold, Silver and Red
Check out last year's theme

Christmas Lollies 24122008
ChupaChups Lollies with a cute pink bow for the youths

Happy Holidays everyone! To good health and PEACE!

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