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STYG Youth Camp 2811-01122008 10
STYG Youth Camp 2008: Laser Quest - Ready for Combat

There's something about Laser Quest and RAIN! Reason why we decided to bring back the activity again this year due to cancellation the year before for awful weather. You can literally see the excitement beaming out of the youths' faces as they prepare for the afternoon of combat. I love the fact that they were largely all synchronized in black.

We got WARGH! again this year to run the Laser Quest programme for us. Andy from the tactical wargames company, prepared for us 4 scenarios ranging from Elimination, Flag Capture / Destroy of Base, Attack & Defend and VIP Ascot / Rescue.

On Laser Quest morning, the weather turned gloomy with RAIN! Again I was panicking inside as our wet weather contingency location at Nanyang Polytechnic or a nearby Primary School didn't really pull through. In other words... we didn't have a location if the rain persisted.

The charted bus has arrived and awaited to be told where to ferry the load. By drive off time around 11:30am; a glimmer of sun's ray cracked through the clouds! Our original destination was to have the games at MacRitchie near the kayaking shacks, but we were more confident of the weather conditions in the West and decided to switch to Kent Ridge Park.

By the time we arrived at Kent Ridge, the rain has cleared and the sun shone fiercely!

STYG Youth Camp 2811-01122008 09
Getting briefed on the usage of the charged powered laser guns!

Mike and Jerome brought along camouflage face paint! Don't ask me how nor why. Many painted themselves in combat glory. It was hilarious! Didn't expect these kids to take the game so seriously!

We had a full round of Elimination shoot out before the weather turned gray again. In a way, I was thankful we all have a chance to play before the rain returned. We took shelter in a gazebo overlooking a panoramic view of Pasir Panjang Port. We passed around tidbits and drinks as the passing clouds showered down hard. Uncle James contemplated to call the bus driver to come early to send us back. He wasn't too optimistic of the situation. However, we decided to wait another 15mins. Though I looked kindda chill on the outside, I was begging God for the rain to stop, cause we were all having soooo much fun. I really didn't want to disappoint the youth again.

And as 15 mins passed, the rain STOPPED!!! Incredible!!!
Andy called us out to resume play again! We were all ecstatic! Next mission - Flag Capture.

At the end of the session, we could only finish 2 sets missions with an extra ALL Stars vs. the team with the least points.

After the Laser Quest, a Campfire Games & Talent Time, Amazing Race: Singapore City and Ice Breakers; Cammy and I can breath a sigh of relieve for a job well done :)

But at the end of it all, without God sending his sunshine for us, the games would never have been... Praise God!

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