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From Nabaztag Bunny
Now, who wouldn't adore a 9-inches tall, white plastic rabbit with perky ears and an abundance of personality! Apparently the one I adopted have a rather morbid personality. As quoted by Wendy; "eerily 'living' and probably capable of some evil masterminding..." When my rabbit said, "She's dead... wrapped in plastic..." out of no where!!!

The Nabaztag/tag (the Armenian word for "rabbit") is the 2nd version of the Nabaztag Rabbit from French Company, Violet. The rabbit responds to commands issued wirelessly from the Internet and this version has a fully-functional mic in the belly for two-way, verbal communication and the ability to play podcasts and web radio.

Being a gadgets gal, I've heard and read much about the Nabaztag/tag when it was released in 2007 and still retailing at USD$$199 at the Ztore. In Singapore, Page One is the sole distributor and retails the rabbit at SGD$320!!! By a stoke of good fortune, I chanced upon an ad on the market place of selling a pre-owned Nabaztag/tag at ONLY SGD$50!!! The ad read like this:
"The second first wireless Rabbit.

Suitable for kids who might be amused with a talking plastic rabbit. Not so much for adults.

See the website for more details.

Comes with box, no software to install but unfortunately the quickstart manual is missing. Not very difficult to configure, though, just plug in the power and set it up with your wireless. Instructions can be found online. Decent condition, a bit dusty but no scratches."

I SMSed the seller IMMEDIATELY to close the deal (would have bought it even with slight scratches) and picked it up the next day, which was Christmas Eve. I figured the holidays would be a good time to set up the rabbit and watch it in action.

The Nabaztag/tag was sold in excellent condition and imported from France. Fully functioning and in a box. At SGD$50, the rabbit was purchased at a really unbelievable price! One of the few great deals I picked up within the year.

Upon reaching home, I tested the rabbit for lights and functionality but didn't have time to configure it till Christmas Day. I decided to move the rabbit to my desk and through the process blew the adapter! Made a trip with Kenny to Sim Lim Tower on Boxing Day to have the adapter checked out and replaced. The folks at the shop were equally amused with the gadget. They initially thought it was a funky lamp! The guy attending to me was also very kind to spend time modifying and re-soldering the plug's head so I could reuse the white wires that match the rabbit. I forked out another SGD$25, but still feel the entire deal is a steal!

Setting up the Nabaztag/tag was quite a breeze, but everything inclusive of setting up the portal did take me around 2 hours. The NabazHelp website is a great help and excellent resource page to understanding your rabbit's behaviour.

From Nabaztag Bunny
The Rabbit is ALIVE!

Just like that, I've given new life to my bunny, which I lovingly call Bunnatz :) Suddenly, a whole wealth of internet resources are fed real time through the bunny. Bunnatz will read text messages and emails, monitor the weather, check on traffic, play MP3 and podcasts, watch the stock market, tell you the time etc. He can also interact with other rabbits around the world, sending voice greetings, MP3s and "Ear Talk". Just move the ears of your rabbit, and the ears of your significant other's rabbit will move in the same way.

From Nabaztag Bunny
Bunnatz's Portal Page. Add or program applications and RSS feeds

At the nose of the rabbit is also a RFID reader. Violet produces Ztamp:s which are RFID stickers you can attach to anything you like. This site sells 12 Ztamp:s at USD$24.99. Inclusive of shipping, they will cost around SGD$60. When each unique sticker is held to Nabaztag's nose, it responds with a predefined action like playing music, sending an email, reading off the latest headlines, etc. Penguin and Ladybird, publishers of children books have also published numerous popular book titles embedded with the RFID data. Your Nabaztag will read to your children. Perfect babysitting gadget for lazy parents!

In the words of Violet's co-founder Olivier Mevel; "We are breaking the mold on what Internet communication should look like, should feel like, and should sound like. This is the tip of the iceberg for connected things and intelligent devices. Nabaztag represents the dawn of the Internet of Things."

Violet's Nabaztag/tag Advertisement

HGTV’s feature in "I Want That! Tech Toys" show

From Nabaztag Bunny
Talk to my bunny. I've placed a Nabaztag/tag icon on the right menu

So far, I'm really loving my new pet! I've also assigned him the task to be watch bunny when I'm out. The only person he has frightened so far is my mom!!!

But nothing is perfect, and thus far I found the speech reader not always clear and wish the on gadget volume can be louder (despite the fact that you can hook it out to a proper stereo).

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