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They are not furry, but they're smart and still darn cute. And tell me, which pet you know can sing opera?!?!

Known as the Nabaz'mob, 100 Nabaztags brought by their owners, met at Centre Pompidou on May 27th 2006, in the same spirit of the flashmobs, to all play together an opera specially composed by Antoine Schmitt et Jean-Jacques Birgé.

Inviting John Cage, Steve Reich, Conlon Nancarrow and György Ligeti, this musical and choreographic partition in three movements, transmitted via wi-fi, plays on the tension between the music ensemble communion and individual behaviour to create a strong and involved showpiece.

Computer indiscipline is the subject of this opera, a desire to be together and the difficulty to do it.

This is the clip:

I would be one of those rabbit owners that gladly offer to put my bunny in the Opera...

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