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Standard Chartered Singapore Run Adidas
Posing with our medals at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008

I feel like I've been talking about completing my 1st marathon for over a year now... and FINALLY I've done it! Nothing too ambitious... participating in the Women 10km for my 1st attempt at the annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

There were lots of excitement a week leading up to the race. I did my last hour long run on Wednesday night and started on my carbo loading. Every meal was simply - rice, lots of rice! No heels, lots of water and as much rest I can get.

Standard Chartered Singapore Run Goodie Bag
What's in the goodie bag

Standard Chartered Singapore Run Champion Chip
Hooking on the 'Champion Chip'

The on and off training paid off. I was in good shape for the flag off run at 8:15am. Had enough time to gobble down 2 bananas, drown even more water, lots of stretching and hit those horrible portable loos. By about 2hr 15mins the full marathon runners were hitting the finishing line! INSANE!!!

The weather was perfect, cloudy and breezy as I started off the race at my 'happy pace', earphones plugged in playing my 'GYM' playlist. Sharon had zipped off with her colleague, Heidi and I never saw her till the end of the race. I kept consistent to my pace, no faster, no slower... steady does it. I figured that at my pace, I should finish around 1hr 30min.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 Route Map. Light Green for 10km distance

This year's race was noticeably different from last year's.

According to seasoned marathon runners from previous years, many commented on how poorly organised the event was. Both Sharon and Edna had wrong singlet sizes. Sharon was issued a tiny XXS singlet when she ordered a XXL! Apparently, the organisers were the least helpful, one even told Edna she could get a refund if she wanted!

Instead of running through the CBD, we had to run a good distance around the Singapore Flyer and through the F1 Pit Stop. This route was less shady and merged all runners (including the 42km) into a big mess!

As the sun rose around 9am, the heat started to set in, making the run less comfortable being wide opened and exposed. Edna and John were dehydrating as the water points along the ECP were few.

Many attributed the poor management due to cut backs in spending for the event. The increased runners to 50,000 this year did not help matters.

Standard Chartered Singapore Run Pix Official Scoring 01
Standard Chartered Singapore Run Pix Official Scoring 02

According to my 'Champion Chip' tracker, I officially completed the race in 1hr 30min 27secs. I'd say for my 1st marathon, it was a good finish. About 55% of runners from my division were ahead of me, making my rank a good centre placement. I kept good pace with Wendy for about 5km into the run and only started to break off nearer to the 7km mark. I liked the fact that the run felt relatively easy for me, I never felt out of breath and I kept on running through out.

Wendy finished about 5mins after I crossed the finishing line and Sharon about another 15-20mins. We all got our reward medal and what's most important is we completed the race together! I'm really proud of Wendy whom a year back thought I was kidding when I nudged her to take part in the marathon. Never in her widest dreams did she ever think she'd complete a 10km run! To Sharon, who continued her run despite not being in the pink of health and to Wei Sian, Edna and John for completing the 42km full marathon!

Standard Chartered Singapore Cert 02 Standard Chartered Singapore Cert 01
Race Certificates

Thanks too for Celeste, Daniel and my parents for coming down to the grounds to support. And for all the SMSes of well wishes!

So that leaves me thinking if I should just improve on my timing on the 10km or take the challenge on the 21km 1/2 marathon next year? Whichever race I take on, I will run the good race again!

Counting down to Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008

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