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It's the time of the year for us to take a stroll down Chinatown to soak in everything RED! RED Lanterns, RED Melon Seeds, RED Auspicious Decorations, RED buds of Pussy Willows, RED boxes of Bak Kuah (barbecued pork)...

I originally suggested to have soya chicken noodles for dinner along Cross Street, but the shop had already closed when we arrived. We ended up tucking into Sarawak Kolo Mee, which I found very average.

My Chinatown Walk-about Solo Mission: Get my Happy Plant - the "Huang Jin Guo" or "Golden Fruit". Which apparently was the same mission last year.

Chinatown Chinese New Year 11012009 24
Perhaps due to a quick passing shower earlier in the evening, the narrow streets of Mosque Street, Pagoda Street, Temple Street and Smith Street were not sardined with shoppers picking up festive goodies

Chinatown Chinese New Year 11012009 11
Lions on the ledge!

Chinatown Chinese New Year 11012009 14
Year of the GOLDEN CALF! MoooOOOooo

Chinatown Chinese New Year 11012009 18
Our fascination with Coconut Nurse, Coconut Tinkle Bell and Coconut Bandit at a Coconut drink seller's store

Chinatown Chinese New Year 11012009 37
Wall of WAX - waxed ducks, sausages and liver

Chinatown Chinese New Year 11012009 44
Arch across New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street. Celeste commented that a couple of days back, a giant Orange decoration fell off and someone was rolling the orange along New Bridge Road?!?!

Toward the end of the night, we only found 1 shop selling the Happy Plant. The plant had just arrived and was literally a TREE! The boss wanted to sell me the entire TREE for SGD$128! Then later, SGD$38 for 2 branches. Don't think I'll be very 'happy' forking out near SGD$40 when in previous years, I get them for under SGD$20.

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  1. i like the lions i like the lions i like the lions!!!!!!! (sucker for neon blinky lights and lion dance)

  2. You should check these lions out at Mosque Street. At certain time intervals, some smoke comes out and the lions dance. Pretty spooky to me...


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