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Here you go Junnie Moonie... Bunnatz speaks good Japanese ;P
PS. BTW, what Greek was that?


  1. XD!!!!! so i see it REALLY needs a non-ang-moh voice in the mail to speak Japanese!!!! It's supposed to say "Hajimemashite, Bunnatz desu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!"

    Hajimemashite: "first encounter, first meeting", in Hanyu Pinyin it's "chu ci ji jian mian"

    Bunnatz desu: (i'm) Bunnatz

    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu: there's no English equivalent. Loosely translated "i beg your (countless) disturbance(/s) in the future". In Hanyu Pinyin it's "qing duo duo zhi jiao (loosely translated: please, for lots of your advice)"

  2. Nice one! Maybe you should do another in German too! LOL!!!

  3. German's easier but there's no German voice in the message..i'm very sick now, can't do any voicings..grr

  4. I say get well soon. Bunnatz ain't going anywhere ;P


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