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The chef in me really digs this 'game'?!?! What do you call it? An 'interactive recipe guide' on a gaming console?!?!

With over 250 recipes segmented by 30 countries worldwide, calories and cooking time; there's bound to be a dish that will stir up your appetite. When a dish is selected, you can pick put the groceries you need to purchase and it will generate a shopping list. Bring your NDS to the supermarket and start ticking off the checklist when you drop them into you basket! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

The best part about Personal Trainer Cooking is that every recipe has a complete voice over which will guide you step by step when you are actually cooking! Video clips are also available for more detailed instructions. If you're worried about dirty, oily hands touching your precious NDS during the cooking process (which anally, I do...), the program activates on voice commands to move to the next step!

Even Lisa Kudrow loves it! And sure, it's a commercial which she gets paid tons on!

Screens from Personal Trainer Cooking

Most importantly, it makes cooking FUN! And why I really think the touch screen and mic on the NDS totally RAWKS!

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