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Finally caught the 2nd installment of John Woo's Red Cliff yesterday. Kenny was catching the Rob Coleman's talk on CG Yoda in the evening, so we decided to catch the earlier 2:15pm screening. Perhaps it was the Chinese New Year Weekend cause the cinema was packed!

I sneaked in a fresh Superdog bacon and cheese. Topped it with lots of mustard and munched on it as the movie started. It was heavenly!

I wished the USD$80 million Woo squeal was as good. As promised, he did deliver one of the biggest epic battle in Chinese cinema, and probably also one of the biggest mess in cinematic war history! There were fireballs, crashing rocks, swamps of arrows and a whole lot of sword fighting. Half the time (after watching almost 4 hours in both sequels), I still can't quite figure out who is who. I came to understand that historically the movie was far from being accurate, both in casting of the characters and depicting of the story.

With all it's short comings, this movie was still a necessary watch to complete the sequel. But I honestly cannot stop comparing the scenes and characters to those of Peter Jackson's 'Lord Of The Rings':

From Movies
The warriors - Zhao Zhi Long and Aragorn on horseback. Just put on that armour gear, superhero cape and dress the animal up with some combat bells and whistles!

From Movies
Legolas and Sun Quan both take on the bow and arrow

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The fair maidens Xiao Qiao and Arwen. It's always that innocent looking girl next door with big eyes and flowing hair!

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The rough and the tough - Gimli and Kong Rong. Mess up the hair, grow a bread and keep those thick bushy eyebrows!

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The evil Cao Cao looked almost like Saruman at the end of the battle with this hair all let down. Except for the fact that one's black and the other white

Do you blame me?!?!


  1. u actually take the time off to find the similarities? wow!!! thanks ah...

    Being a LOTR fan..i'd say Red Cliff might have actually copied LOTR - MIGHT la..

  2. Errr... doesn't the above similarities seal that thought? I was pretty certain I've seen a couple of copy cat scenes while watching the film. Hilarious!


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