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Countdown to 2009 at Clarke Quay's Carnival. The atmosphere and crowd really built up toward the count down at midnight. We even had a great view of the Marina Bay Fireworks. That was really a bonus!

It's hard to believe that we've finally closed up the year of 2008. And what a wonderful year it has been; a year of plentiful blessings, lots of new experiences, challenges and a few bags full of fun.

I'll come to remember 2008 as an all rounder year:

In WORK. Where I've taken on more leadership roles and witnessed the hardwork of the team being recongnised and paid-off. I've come to learn that it's not in every company that you can build good working relationships, with similar goals and work attitude. I'm thankful for a great team.
With the sharp dip in the economy after the second half of the year, work in the new year will be tough; but there's still a lot of new initiatives and improvements that await.

In the NEW. Yes, there are so many new takes in 2008. The one with the most impact had to be saying goodbye to a home I practically grew up in and had come to love with all my heart. It wasn't an easy process to pick up and move, but we did. I've since settled into my new environment quite comfortably. Things are still being fixed up around... I'm still learning to adjust, but it's all good.

I've finally picked up GOLF (a sport which I've always appreciated) and another totally unexpected one - FENCING. Which to my surprise I really enjoyed during my 8 weeks of training. Even had a rare chance to fence with an Olympic fencer! And as a promise to myself in 2007, I did my 1st 10km Marathon at the Standard Chartered Marathon 2008. It's a small step to hopefully longer marathon runs to come.

Opera! Now who would have ever thought. Never in my wildest dreams (if I even dream) would I ever thought I would attend an opera performance, much less actually ENJOY the music. I am a total convert and now speak of opera music with much gusto.

In the RARE
. I heard the sexy crooning of Harry Connick Jr., danced and jumped with Planet Shakers, watched AVENUE Q, which I thought would never make it to the stage of our conservative nation; and nearly burst my ear drums with the engines at Singapore's 1st F1 Night Race.

In FUN. Let's see, I had 'Guitar Hero III', 'Wii Fit' and now 'Wii Music'. Countless hours of hilarious laughter. Jumping onto the bandwagon just before the year came to an end was Wendy, who finally decided to join the Wii Family. Recalling Kenny, Adrian & Frances and Bernard & Lisa all took the plunge following after my initial purchase in 2007.

In SPIRIT. I am thankful for the fact that despite all the crazy, busy schedules; I managed to put aside time for service back to the One whose given me everything; my entire being. For the gift to be part of World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney. For the gift to know and share Jesus every day of my life.

I love 2008 for so many things; for my Nabaztag Bunnatz, for my Bushnells, for the Singapore Biennale 2008, for shopping at Dongdaemun in Korea and getting drunk at the Halloween Bus Tour... do I really love this?!?! or did I love the fact I went as Black Mumba?

But most of all, for the people in my lives that have touched, inspired, taught and laughed with me all through 2008. I cannot be more grateful.

I've decided some years back not to be bothered with a New Year's Resolution, and it has worked well enough for me. There's a counter effect on having a list of things that doesn't always get done. I've come to realise that if something is important enough for you to get done... you will make time for it... you will get it done. If someone is important enough for you, you will make time... you will develop the relationship.

In more ways then one, there is a lot to be hopeful for in the new year; but more importantly, there's more to be JOYFUL.

May the JOY of our Lord fill your hearts in 2009!

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" - Philippians 4:4


  1. I totally agree on not being bothered with New Year Resolutions, thus not having one since years ago too.

    Yeah, wat a year 2008 was! 2009-more Wii gatherings to come! YAY!

  2. I liked the fact that we did all those arty farty stuff together... what would my life be without you **HUGZ** Lurve ya lots!

    Wii We Will Play!

  3. Ya me too and the WYD trip in 2008! more arty farty and cultured stuff in 2009! looking forward to the Tales of Hoffman opera and Mosaic Music fest!!!

    *HUGZ* Lovu Lovu you lots too!!


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