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If we can't play in a band for real, we'll do it Mii way on Nintendo's Wii Music
The whole Ching Gang jamming to the theme of 'The Legends of Zelda'.
Happybutt on Snare Drum, Den on the Tuba, Celeste on Harp, Danger on Gong Bass Drum, Dawnstarr on Piano and Racoon on Trumpet

Fredrik Larsson plays unplugged 'Wind Waker' from 'The Legends of Zelda'. Doesn't this make you think how you would lay your tracks in Wii Music?

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  1. Fredrik Larsson's video is damn hilarious!! But such a great job!! Makes me wanna take out my tin whistle and learn to play it too!!

    Good attempt on the whole ching gang playing in parts, harmony, melody! We can form a philharmonic orchestra liao! LOL


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