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This film is what many are calling the "Juno" of 2008! And rightfully so, cause Danny Boyle has brought to screen yet another remarkable film that leaves you heartily smiling at the end.

"Slumdog Millionaire"'s recent Golden Globe Best Motion Picture (Drama) win escalated my desire to catch the film. I'd watch it regardless, simply because I've adored Boyle since days of "Shallow Grave". "Trainspotting" and "Millions" remain the few of my favourite films ever.

If there's anything Boyle does best, if giving his audience a life-affirming and believable character to fall in love with. And since "Millions", I've come to know him as a fabulous child director. There's no pretense, no over the top exaggeration.

And all those 'shitty' episodes; remembering the toilet scene from "Trainspotting" are pure classics!

This time he dwells deep into the cultural and artistic appreciation for Mumbai and Bollywood's traditions, yet lensed the story with a respectful Western eye. And perhaps too much so for the commercial viewer. The colours and beat of India were masterfully displayed throughout the film. However, as stereotyped as the story plot was, it was an amazing journey with Salim and Jamal.

Nothing speaks a true blue Indian film better then a big song and dance number. This was so out of place, it totally cracked me up! Plus it really made Jamal (Dev Patel) really cool!

It's been a while since I enjoyed something as genuine on the big screens. As far as I can remember, 2008 wasn't a hit year for me in the cinemas. There were probably a handful of films that left an impression - "The Dark Knight" (but I'm bias here cause of Christian Bale), "Wall-E"... maybe "Iron Man"; and I'm a little disappointed in the selection of indie, art house or local films released. Even the Singapore International Film Festival 2008 didn't wow. But already, I'm excited about the line up for 2009. I'll be starting my journey to the OSCARS!


  1. the buzz on tv is now on the 5th Cylon on the release of the continuation of BSG on Fri in the States, ep11 ;-)

    I may not know who will win big at the upcoming Oscars, but I do know who the 5th cylon is!... :-D

  2. OMG! OMG! I just watched BSG Episode 11! BSG have this thing about making me pull out my hair! Is the 5th really as what Tigh has said? Urgh!!!

    Just in case you don't already know, there is also a 10 episode Webisode on Lt. Geata.
    You can catch it on Youtube.

    When there was a drought in BSG - this was really good!

  3. hahaha! yes, absolutely hit-u-in-the-stomach episode, ya? :-D

    finally got to put all those 5th cylon rumours/theories to rest with the reveal. but it was Dee's death that really took the wind out of me!

    also saw the webisodes TFOTE... :-)

    what a journey! :-P


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