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I think at the end of playing Wii Music to death, I can cut an album on the top rated or most popular Wii Music MTVs I created!

After completing a set of Style Lesson and another in Rock Jam Mastery Lesson from Maestro Tute, all songs (except for the Super Mario Bros. Theme) and instruments were unlocked. Suddenly a whole bunch of pop music titles such as Madonna's "Material Girl", Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go", Kylie Minogue's "Locomotion", and Police's "Every Breath You Take" are available for play!

All Stars in "La Bamba" with a Latino twist!
Featuring Racoon on Jazz Drums, Neo (from the Matrix) on the Clickers (if only Keanu Reeves can dance like that for real!), Cat Woman on the Trumpet, Mr T. (from the A Team) on Bass Guitar, V (from V for Vendetta) on Percussions and Batman on Vocals!

"Every Breath You Take" in Classical!
The girls take on Police's "Every Breath You Take" in all orchestral glory!
Dawnstarr on Cello, Happybutt on Rhythm Violin, Celeste on Piano and Racoon on Lead Violin

I honestly love this rendition of the Police classic. Brings a whole new feel to the song. Of all the instruments, I spent the most time on the piano. And I love how toward the end, there's this cosmic explosion and Celeste blows out hearts!

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